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Network Types & Topologies

posted Dec 12, 2009, 7:27 PM by Eddie Woo
In today's lesson, you'll be focusing on a very specific and important kind of communications system: the network. Networks are so ubiquitous these days that you hardly even notice them; you use them all the time, but because they do their job well, they mostly sink into the background.

Please complete the following tasks, and don't forget to upload your work!
  1. In your textbook, read the section on Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks.
  2. For the following networks, identify whether they are a LAN or a WAN:
    ● the school network
    ● the telephone network in NSW
    ● the internet
    ● the computers in T2.2
  3. In your textbook, read onto the section describing network topologies.
  4. Define a network topology.
  5. Describe the main characteristics of star, ring and bus networks.
  6. Identify situations in which each of these topologies would be most suited.
  7. Research on the internet and repeat questions 5 and 6 for point-to-point, mesh and tree networks.