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New stuff incoming.

posted Sep 20, 2009, 4:07 AM by Eddie Woo
Every now and then, I go through a period of busy-ness at school that prevents me from keeping this site updated. I have actually made a whole bunch of random files over the last few months that would have been really appropriate to upload, but have lacked the time to get it all set up. 

Since the HSC trials (where I set an exam and marked two) and the year 11 preliminary exams (where I set another exam) are over, I have a little disposable time and I'm going to use that to brush up some of the sections underneath Learning Content

So, look out for lots of new files (like, 10+). Year 10 gets the most love, but Year 8 and Year 12 won't miss out. Even Year 11 (who I'm not teaching this year) will get some new content too (and quite a substantial effort, I might add). Keep watching over the next couple of weeks!