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Questions due!

posted May 27, 2010, 3:10 PM by Eddie Woo
9C: today at bell time, your questions are due. Well done to the nine of you who have already uploaded yours and are up to date! I am still waiting on ten of you to submit for last week. I know you have had exams, so that's why I'm willing to wait. However, those are now behind us and you all need to do some catching up!

For those who haven't written this week's question, this is a reminder that the topic we are addressing is tough exam questions. These are the kinds of questions that you got wrong: the kind that when you got them back, you facepalmed in frustration. Write a question that targets one of your own specific weaknesses - and make sure you spend some time revising it so that you can do it again when you face it next time!

Also, since (finally!) everyone has completed the T2W6 quiz on probability, I've uploaded it to the archive. As a class we did very poorly on this one, so we will need to revise it quite heavily in the terms to come. In fact, even some of the solutions that you submitted for your own questions had problems with them! So, please make sure you look back and double-check (perhaps with a friend) that your answers are all correct. If in doubt, come and see me about it.