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*sniff* They're gone.

posted Feb 2, 2009, 1:14 AM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Feb 6, 2009, 6:22 PM ]
We're really, really close to the release of the new intranet to the general student population. The staff have been playing around with it internally for a little while now, and a lot of the administrative issues have been sorted out - everyone's doing pretty well considering I'm replacing a major information backbone within the school with a fundamentally different system! I still have lots of training to run with the staff, though, and that will mean that our understanding and effective use of the intranet can only go up. The new system has lots more potential built into it than the old intranet, so I'm keen to see what people make of it as time progresses.

Since I'm getting ready for a truly public release, I decided to get rid of the updates that I posted up on the intranet (particularly Intranet Central) during its development. There were quite a few of them, and it was sad to delete them all - but they don't belong on a public system. I have my own catalogue of them if I ever want to go back and see how the development process went!

If any members of my IPT class are reading, then get ready for a big lesson tomorrow - due to the swimming carnival, tomorrow will be our last lesson for a week (i.e. tomorrow is Tuesday, and our next lesson is the Tuesday after that), so we have to cover a lot of ground and I'll have to set a fair amount of homework. Not to mention sort out those out-of-school classes...