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The Suffering Servant

posted Dec 21, 2011, 4:43 AM by Eddie Woo
Oops - I did have something left to do before the end of year after all. I have uploaded the transcript from my talk this term, which was based on Isaiah 52-53. It is titled The Suffering Servant, after the main character described in Isaiah's poem. This passage is one of the most moving in the Old Testament - indeed, the entire Bible. 

It's a fitting way to end the year, with Christmas on its way - reading Isaiah 52-53 is very helpful for remembering what the season is all about. A little baby was born, and his mission (among other things) was to die. It sounds miserable, but it's actually the only reason that there can be any hope at all in a dark world like ours (something we tend to forget with all of the festivities around to distract us). 

Roll on 2012!