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This is why multimedia is awesome.

posted Dec 13, 2012, 12:08 PM by Eddie Woo
And I mean that in the most literal* sense of the word. 

We've been looking at multimedia, different examples of it and different tools for creating it. I stumbled on this video by accident and it is just such a timely and helpful illustration of what we've been studying that it's worth watching all 14 minutes.

* I have to specify this because unfortunately the word awesome has been taken captive by colloquial language and forced into involuntary slavery as one of the numerous synonyms for 'good' (ie. "I just got a new phone." "Wow, that's awesome!") Awesome used to be its own word with own meaning (namely, to describe something that inspires awe), but now if someone says it they almost certainly don't mean that - they are just using it as a positive adjective. Awesome isn't the only one, either - here are a few others I can think of (along with their original meanings!): 
  • Cool - low in temperature
  • Brilliant - shining with great strength
  • Great - large in size or signifiance
  • Fantastic - not based in reality (ie. from fantasy)
  • Terrific - intensely frightening (ie. causing terror)
Okay, that's enough language fixation to last me for a few weeks. 8-)

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