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Tricentennial Post!

posted Mar 16, 2011, 12:37 PM by Eddie Woo
Oops, looks like in the crazy swirl of activity that's been happening over the last few days (mainly creating assessments - maths exams, IPT projects, quizzes and the like) I missed a milestone a couple of days back. Since I started this site as an experiment back in September 2008, I've now made over 300 posts that have included lesson tasks, 'learning documents' (more than 70 of them!), intranet development notices and lots more random stuff in between (got to live up to the name of the site, I suppose).

I hope you, the regular and occasional readers of the site, have gained as much from this place as I have. Personally speaking, I have invested an enormous amount of time and effort into Woo Random Files (probably too much). It's been a lot of fun, and cool to see people genuinely gain from the resources available here. It makes me committed to keep the place going, and I hope lots of you keep coming back to see what's new every now and then. Hopefully as the years go by, I will keep being able to produce content and make it available - free and easily accessible to the masses. Here's to the next 300 posts!

P.S. The actual correct term for "300th anniversary" is tercentenary, not tricentenial... but since it's similar to bicentenial, I thought I'd go with it to make sure people knew what on earth I was talk about.

P.P.S. I was going to make some joke about "This is not madness, this is Woo Random Files" but it felt a little contrived. Be content with a cool picture of Leonidas in his final moments. 8-)