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9IPT: Manual T&R Methods

posted Jul 26, 2012, 4:10 PM by Eddie Woo   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 5:22 PM by Samuel Chu ]
Today is group work and then group work! But in different groups. Get yourself into five groups (of at least 4 students), and then pick one non-computer-based communication method from the following list:
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Fax
For your selected technology, complete the following tasks on which your group will give a 2-minute presentation at the end of the first period. Every group member must contribute and no one may use notes - so know your material well and be able to explain it!
  1. Classify the method in terms of their signal direction and signal timing.

  2. Explain how computer-based systems have adjusted, updated, supported or replaced your method.

  3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages brought about by the adoption of computer-based systems.

  4. Account for the persistence of these manual methods, even when they have been largely replaced by computer-based methods in many areas of life.

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