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We made it!

posted Feb 10, 2009, 4:15 AM by Eddie Woo
And the view from up here looks great. Today the new intranet went public, user accounts and all. I'm pleased that the majority of people who viewed the site accessed it from home - the system works!

A few minor issues aside (e.g. new students this year lack accounts and login numbers), everything looks like it's going well. Today alone, we received over 3500 hits, which is not too shabby considering the vast majority of students (I'd estimate about 85%) have not even logged in for the first time yet. Not to mention when their parents get to have a look themselves and check out all the neat stuff that they can now access from the comfort of their own homes!

I expect the usage of the site to dramatically increase again once the old intranet ceases to become available and the new intranet becomes the default landing page for internet browsers within the school network. That will be the next test when it comes to the new system's load-bearing capabilities, but I foresee no problems in that domain.

This post is dedicated to the apocalipticDesign team, whose work made today's launch possible. Well done, guys - you should be really pleased with yourselves. But we still have lots to do! So look forward to your new resources arriving from faculty staff for you to upload onto the system.