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Whoa. You're actually a maths teacher?

posted Mar 17, 2009, 2:03 AM by Eddie Woo
I use this website so much for IPT purposes that I often forget the fact that this website was born out of me being a maths teacher, not an IPT teacher. Originally, this website was just a library of the handouts that I had personally written and distributed to students in my classes. I did a fair bit of that at the end of the last year, but intranet development has occupied me a lot over the past few months and that part of this website quietened down significantly. 

Until the last week or so, that is. I wrote two sheets for my classes that I've now made available on the website:
  • "Explained Solution" assessment task, for year 8. This was a fun one which I've been meaning to do with a variety of classes for quite a while, and I will probably use this as a template for future tasks with other classes I teach (so if that's you, then look out). I firmly believe that you don't understand something properly until you can explain it to someone else. That's what this assignment was about - download and have a read if you're the curious type.
  • Derivation of the Perpendicular Distance Formula using the regular point-to-point distance formula, for year 10. There are lots of ways to derive this formula - one of the neatest alternatives I've seen uses the ratios of corresponding sides in similar triangles. But I like this way because it leads on very well from the rest of the co-ordinate geometry topic in which the perpendicular distance formula is introduced in year 10.