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Year 12 material

posted Sep 26, 2009, 12:26 AM by Eddie Woo
Yesterday was the last time I'll ever have a lesson with my Year 12 maths class. I've had an interestingly relationship with this class - they've simultaneously been the class that's made me smile the most (like a dysfunctional family), but also the class that (in parts) has given me the most grief over not doing what's best for themselves. It's been a little strange being their teacher, because - more than any other class - I've moved fluidly between the roles of helper, mentor and friend.

Anyway, today's new files are dedicated to them. Here are the links:
Marking schemes are really important. Even though they are written fundamentally for other teachers, they are a worthwhile resource for students, since they clarify exactly what markers are looking for and where credit is given. It's hard work to determine, accurately, how well students understand a topic based on the details of their answers to given questions. It's difficult to write questions that distinguish between students' varying levels of mathematical skills and knowledge.

The questions on Motion are fairly straightforward - in the future, I'll probably update that file with worked solutions.