A Long & Tiring Day

posted Aug 17, 2011, 4:45 AM by Unknown user
Today was a long and tiring day for all here at Alltix HQ. Firstly, we had to make some important design decisions about the Catalogue section and how to present the section so that it is appealing to any clients that our website has. After making these important decisions we got cracking on the Catalogue page of our site and I am pleased to say we have now completed that section of the website.

We also had to consider new ways of how to make a form for the films section as our original idea would take a very long time as we would have to make over 100 pages of a single form. After a while of collaboration, we found a simple yet effective way for that to happen and now we have also ticked that of our 'To do' list.

As usual, after looking at some other ticketing websites, we modified our home page slightly so that it would appeal to a larger group of people who are browsing the web for all their ticketing needs. After modifying the home page, we survey a few different people as to which home page looked more appealing to them and we received the result that we were hoping for and that was that we had made the right executive decision.

The design report is now awaiting and it is now time to continue working on that and completing at ASAP. the interview also looms but with proper preparation it should be fine.

That is all for now,