Post 3.

posted Jun 15, 2011, 1:54 AM by Unknown user
So far, we've managed to form the general structure of our website, including making the relevant pages and sub-pages and editing the sidebar and horizontal navigational bar (which pretty much have the same thing anyway).
Jeffrey has made a logo from somewhere and once we edit that a bit it should be cool :) The background has also been edited with an image/pattern graphic (?) except it looks a bit dodgy because it changes according to the length of the page that you're on. It's a bit hard to explain. But we will fix it soon! 
I started to add some images to our 'photo gallery' section. All of these pictures were STOLEN (LOL i'm kidding.) from flickr; they're all under the 'attributes' creative commons license and all the names of the original photographers are there. Oh and when you click the image, it links back to their flickr page. :) So the photo gallery page is aimed at making a potential viewer think that people are sending in images of their 'designs', ofcourse inspired by our awesome site. :)
i'm wondering what to write about in the corporate blog. However since we already have a 'news and hot offers' page, i guess i can do..everything else? Like trends? But I'm going to have to do a lot of research to get it right. Unless i make it up. >:) And i don't think i can really do posts too closely related to the financial aspects of the company because the site is supposed to be a service to people and viewers probably don't want to read too much about that. Do they? :S