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posted Jul 31, 2011, 4:35 AM by Unknown user
this register is very dead :/
so i just realised we have to do a design report and business spreadsheet. D:
anyway. i just finished my third blog post (harder than it looks!) and i had a *mindspasm* because i realised we didn't exactly need it because we already have a news section? but i think i'll leave it..i can just say it ADDS TO THE GENERAL APPEAL. 8)
so we've at least started on all the website sections, except 'How We Innovate With Technology' only has a title.. :)
kudos to jeffrey for all his work so far..especially on the products page..IT ACTUALLY LOOKS LEGIT :D.
oh we also need to hire some more employees..we have three so far! only!  3 people running a business sounds so asian somehow ahaha.
i think i will make an entry on the news page. time to merge with a fake company? :)