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Issues (Focus)
 Who? (Participants)
1. Who will work on the project?
2. Who will manage the project?
3. Who will manage the system after it is in operation?
1. The class woked on the project.
2. The class manages the the project andMr. Woo aided in the organising of the pages after completion.
3. The class and Mr. Woo and in particular the team leaders.
 What? (Outcomes)
4. What are the specific objectives of the new system?
4. To translate the Board of Studies IPT Syllabus which is to be a more user-friendly version readily availble on a hyper-text enabled website..
 When? (Timeline)
5. When will the project start and finish?
6. When will each individual stage start and finish?
5. The project stated on October 14, 2008 and finished on 27 October, 2008.
6. Each individual stage had variable times however, the navigation team were to complete their task first (14 October, 2008) while the linking team obtained a hardcopy and started to highlight keywods. When groups complete their tasks, they were to combine with other groups and move onto the next task.
 How? (Methods)
7. How will the development process be organised?
8. How will project personnel and users work together?
7. The project is based on the concept of wiki where many people can edit a page. Through this method, members of the class were able to contribute to various parts of the syllabus project.
8. The class worked in smaller groups each with a team leader. When the initial designated tasks were completed, groups joined other groups to work on a different section of the project.
 Resources? (IT)
9. What hardware, software, data and information resources will be needed?
9. Software used includes Adobe Reader 6.0, Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. Hardware used include computers, storage devices e.g. USBs and printer, stationery and paper. The data was the PDF Board of Studies Syllabus and the information which resulted is the IPT syllabus which is user-friendly and on a website with hyperlinks.
 Expected results? (Outcomes)
10. What milestones will be reached at the end of each stage in the project?
10. The main expected result is a user-friendly Board of Studies IPT Syllabus which can be accessible to those who need to. The syllabus should be easy to read, convenient to use through hyperlinked table to contents as well as links to relevant sites.  


Project Communication & Collaboration

*Insert a detailed description of the kinds of communicating and teamwork you had to use in order to complete your project tasks and make the Syllabus Project a reality.*