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Why would failure to function as a team lead to financial loss, employment loss and missed opportunities?
  • Financial loss - Firstly, if the project is not completed at all, then inevitably, money will be lost. Even if it is completed, but the team did not work efficiently, the project will take longer to finish and this will cost financial loss. Lastly, if the project is completed, however the team did not work well, then an ineffiective product may result, causing loss of money.
  • Employment loss- If the project failsto function, project would be in jeopardy, and if it is not completed money will be lost and opportunities missed. This then goes back to the team and due to lack of money and jobs as a result of the failed project, employment positions will not be available anymore. And, since the people in the team have been proven to be inefficient, they will not be employed in the future as there will be better, more cooperative teams.
  • Missed oppportunities - a substandard product may not work well and won't be used as widely.


What are the various project management tools necessary for teams developing systems?
  • Gantt chart - Helps in setting deadlines for particular stages of the project and for the entire project so that tasks are completed on time.
  • Scheduling of tasks -
  • Journals and diaries - Allows the team to make sure they are on track and that the whole team, as well as its members, are all putting in effort.
  • Funding management plan - Without money to fund wages, hardware and other resources needed, the project cannot proceed. Therefore, it is necessary to plan what will be used for what, how much funding is required and where this will be obtained from.
  • Communication management plan