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Advantages of teamwork

We have looked briefly at the negative consequences of teams that don't function well. But what advantages are there for developing an information system with a team rather than as isolated individuals?
  • Increased productivity
    In a team, the workload can be divided between team members, allowing the project to be completed faster. As a teams, members can assess the sections completed and look for any mistakes and the improvements that can be made, reducing errors which take time and costs money.  For example...
  • Enhanced job satisfaction. 
    As a team, members can give each other positive feedback which allows people to feel good about the job they have completed.  For example...
  • The development of a quality system.
    When working as a team, Explain, with an example (don't forget: what is the definition of a system?). 

Social & ethical issues

What social and ethical issues must be considered by system developers? (Note: remember that social and ethical issues are those that concern people connected to the system.)
  • Individual privacy. Explain, with an example.

  • Data security. Explain, with an example.

  • Need for complete documentation. Explain, with an example.