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Component 3B: Constructive Critique

posted Jul 16, 2009, 7:57 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 12:18 AM by Eddie Woo ]

Write a constructive critique of a peer's multimedia system, assessing it and assigning an appropriate mark based on how competetly it achieves the two stated purposes.


Team member: Joey Chen
Portfolio: LOTE
Genre: Subject Promotion
Mark:  11 /12

Informatively communicates relevant information in a manner appropriate to its genre

How competently it achieves this

The atmosphere of the system is very calm while still persuading sudents to do a language. It has a lot of good points covered in the content which all play their part in persuading anyone to do languages. As well as portraying the serious side of why to choose a language, it also contains a few jokes such as being able to say "You have just lost the game" in french, so that it can appeal to the intended audience. For most of the system, everyday tone is used so that the intended users understand and are interested. The photos of the sights of Japan and French food are visually pleasing and subtly hints "do Japanese to go to Japan" and French "to eat food".

Possible improvements

Although it's good that promotions are spread throughout the portfolio so that that it's "ubiquitous" I don't think the attachments are as noticeable as they could be, even though the last lines on the page point it out. For other suggestsion, see below under "possible improvements".

Creatively and professionally showcases the unique strengths of a variety of media types


How competently it achieved this
A lot of good points were delivered using text to users. Headings were used to "separate" sections so that readers can read what they want at their own pace. Very detailed information was conveyed. They use of dot points makes the text less overwhelming and divides up the different ideas for a more coherent document in general.
Possible improvements
The points covered using text are all necessary to convince people to do the subject but if possible, it would be better for anyone wanting a quick browse through the information to keep it more succint. Although most of the time keeping things short is very hard.


How competently it achieved this
Hypertext was mainly used  as navigation which stood out and effectively connected all the pages for easy and convenient use.
Possible improvements
More hypertext could be used within the body of the text, such as linking to Japan Trip photos when it was mentioned in "Japanese studies @ JR" so that users could seek more information if they wanted to.


How competently it achieved this
The numerical data is very precise and serves its purpose of conveying the sentences like "a lot of people speak this language" in a short, sharp, high impact sequence of numbers.
Possible improvements
Numerical data was blended in with text data and it didn't stand out as much as if there was a table or graph for it. Because users might not be bothered to extract the data themselves, the effect of statistics which are meant to make the user go "wow" at how many people speak/study the language doesn't take place so it becomes less persuasive.

Audio - Interviews with Rosanna, Mr Yi and Blair

How competently it achieved this
Since only two people are talking throughout an interview, it is a great opportunity to use audio as there will be no confusion of voices. Audio is much better than using text as the tone and feelings can be heard and listeners can tell who is talking without having to read it if it was text. The laughter and casual atmosphere makes languages feel like a fun and relaxed subject to take on, whereas if the interview was say text, saying "[laughts]" "hahaha" or "lol"just isn't as effective at showing those reactions that make the interview interesting.
Possible improvements
It would possibly be more persuasive if the body language and expressions of the interviewed people could be seen because gestures can play a role in involving the audience and conveying thoughs. However, radio interviews are an example of audio only interviews and shows they can be just as effective.


How competently it achieved this
The images used allowed users to immediately see what the page was talking about because a lot of the images are associated directly with a country such as Eiffel tower. Photos from the excursions for Japanese and French are very effective at giving others the chance to see immediately the sights of Japan and French cuisine.
Possible improvements
More images could have been added, especially since some pages are only text, just to keep readers interested.

Video (not required) - whyLOTEvideo.wmv

How competently it achieved this
The video was one of the highlights of the multimedia mini-assignment and it is evident a lot of work was put into it when collecting or creating all the different parts then putting them together. The fact that it constantly changes when using different clips to express each point captures and retains interest. Visual methods has allowed the use of different mediums such as cell-based animation, real life footage of people and footage of the monitor scrolling through the webpage. The audio added to it explains what the viewer can see with a friendly, casual tone which helps enforce the fact that language is enjoyable.
Possible improvements
The part where it says "knowledge of a language can be interesting..." , the fade effect comes on a bit soon and "interesting is cut off". It would also be nice to label the countries where the planes are headed to so that for those who don't know, they will know which countries the respective language classes get to go to.