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Component 3B: Design Specifications

posted Jun 28, 2009, 4:22 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 11:45 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Design specifications for further audio and video products that would complement the final multimedia system, and incorporate more expansive or difficult goals than are practically possible within the assigned time frame.

Current content

Genre: Excursion coverage of Year 10 Coastal Fieldwork 2009
The multimedia system’s purpose is to be a mix between a learning resource and a news coverage of the Year 10 Geography Fieldwork excursion to Long Reef and Collaroy. This involves informing others who did not participate in the excursion about the events which occurred. A learning resource is also part of this because the multimedia system will include the practical skills (such as using equipment) which students learnt about as well as information about the beaches that were visited.
Content will all be placed into a Flash file using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and required graphics may utilize Adobe Photoshop CS3. The file will then be uploaded to a page under “Excursions”. Microsoft Word will be used to produce any text-based content before copy and pasting into the Flash file as it is more practical to work on in locations other than school. Simple freeware audio and video editing software is all that is required for those data types.
Text data
  • An introduction to the system on a page on the page to which the file is uploaded.
  • A recount of the day’s events which will be kept short but still informative in order to retain the interest of users of the system.
  • Short explanations of specific activities which users may navigate to from the overview of the day.
  • Links to the Costal Management fieldwork page from HSIE to Excursions to there.
  • A majority of links in the Flash file with no particular structure. There will be a main navigation which will be quite simple as there were not too many particular events occurring during the excursion and links between various pages whenever related words are mentioned.
  • Date, times and cost relevant to the excursion.
  • Numbering images for an image gallery.
  • Statistics about the beaches visited (requires secondary sources) as well as those explained to us on the day (years established).
  • Data we collected as a primary source may/may not be practical nor interesting to others. This is to be decided depending on how to assignment is looking near its completion.
  • Audio can be taken of reading out the text content. Students can have the option of turning this on or off (in a similar way to music during a game).
  • There needs to be music (most likely royalty free which can be found on the internet) for the videos of the beach.
  • Many photos which were collected on the day. Some may be used to accompany text. Some in an image gallery in the Flash file, one as a link (hypermedia) to the page of this excursion.
  • There may also be graphics for aesthetic purposes but depending on time, may or may not be successful.
  • Videos of the beach.
  • Videos of students working. (Videos of students without their permission will not be used.)
  • There is also a video of the instructor telling us how to measure slopes but sound quality is poor.

More expansive goals

There may be interviews of students about how they thought the day went. Possible questions include:
  •  What you enjoyed most?
  •  What you learnt?
  •  What did you not enjoy about the excursion? Etc.
This will be under a more expansive goal for two reasons. One, because video already collected is most likely sufficient to maintain the balance between all data types included. And two because of time constraints.
Instructor audio
Some audio were collected of the instructor talking to us about various topics during the excursion. However, sound quality is bad and background noise of waves can be heard. It is most likely that I will record myself saying these again. The problem with this is that there are many files to listen to again and the content will have to be drawn out, edited then said again. Many takes would need to occur and it can become time-consuming.
Eddie Woo,
Jul 16, 2009, 11:45 PM