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Component 3B: Information Processes (Content Mostly Complete)

posted Jul 13, 2009, 1:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 13, 2009, 4:44 AM by Eddie Woo ]


As the title says, I spent a majority of today putting the rest of the parts into the Flash document, mainly text, images and two more videos (which are actually animations now). Most of it was for the introduction, what we did with anemometers (includes a video and an image) and clinometers (also with an image). Just for fun, I have added an animation (i.e. video without sound, not cartoon-type animation) of a glimpse of the beach there.
I also made all the video preview thumnails washed out when on mouseover and made sure the links in the navigation were equally spaced. I also made sure everything was consistent such as positions of links and images and colour of text. A few small edits not worth mentioning were done as well.
Lastly, just so that others can understand, I drew a simple diagram of the dunal system directly in the Flash document.
Since I haven't got much left to do, I think I will try to put more depth into the analysis of data in the multimedia assignment as also record me saying the text along with the option of turning the sound on and off. Also might include a diagram of the beach just so anyone who hasn't been to the excursion knows what other sections talk about.
Joey is going to do the critique and evidently I will be critiquing Joey's. I will try to be finish completely by Wednesday.

A record of the 7 information processes should be maintained as the multimedia system is developed, including relevant discussion of issues related to software/hardware constraints and design decisions (e.g. organising data: compression levels applied to images, audio and video data).
  • Using te "PRTSC" button for as screenshot of the table of numerical data I typed up.
  • I took the original .wmv of Esther's video and when converting into .flv compressed it more than it had been originally so that it could be uploaded later.
  • Two more video's were added and changed from .avi (from digital camera) to .wmv (after Windows Movie Maker) then to .flv (using Flash CS3 video encoder).
  • After the table (now an image) is pasted into photoshop and cropped, it is saved as .jpg which also compressed it.
  • I have typed up an analysis of the data that was obtained using the instruments detailed in my multimedia mini-assignment so that others as well as I, can understand the significance of the table of numbers.
  • Trimmed the ending and beginning of the video clips.
  • Adding the fade in and fade out effect.
  • Adding titles for the anemometer video.
  • Also removed the audio, making it animation now I suppose. Although not required, I am including them because they are useful. The background noise and talking would otherwise ruin them.
  • Resizing some photos and cropping them as well.
Storing and Retrieving
  • Preview images, edited video and photos were all edited or created, stored then retrieved when imported into Flash.
  • I suppose the data that was initially collected was stored on paper then I retrieved it to look at again when I wanted to put the data into the Flash document.
Transmitting and Receiving
  •  None.
  • Sound, video and the Flash document were displayed via speakers and the monitor,

Software/Hardware Constraints


Design Decisions