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Component 3B: Information Processes (Photos)

posted Jul 7, 2009, 3:28 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 15, 2009, 3:52 AM by Eddie Woo ]


I had originally intended all the pictures to be buttons, but forgot about the fact that if the button has a 500px wide picture in it, the button also becomes that big, and with so many pictures overlapping, it wouldn't work.
I did som research and found an actionscript to solve this.
First, I had the original photo, made it 500px wide while keeping it scaled and re-saved it still as .jpg. (Naming convention is ph_1, ph_2 etc.) I then imported the photos into the library of my flash document. Then I dragged it onto the stage, shrunk it to 100px wide while locking the proportions and turned it into  movie clip. (Naming convention is ph_1_mc etc.) I then added an actionscript to this to make the 100px wide image 500%  bigger, i.e. 500px wide upon mouseover.  On the actual scene, there is a script for each photo movieclip so that the enlarged image is always ontop of everything else. All the photos were put into another movie clip known as photos_mc. Inside this was also an instruction and navigation. There are 43 photos in total but have only done 17 of them.
Also, e.g. ph_1 must first be arraged inside ph_1_mc so that the direction from which it is enlarged can be set. Then ph_1_mc must be arraged within photos_mc.
I also discovered a problem because when a person navigates to the next page of photos, the last photo to be enlarged on the previous page stays. I will figure out something later.

A record of the 7 information processes should be maintained as the multimedia system is developed, including relevant discussion of issues related to software/hardware constraints and design decisions (e.g. organising data: compression levels applied to images, audio and video data).
  • On a side note, I did the last two interviews which were audio, this was collecting.
  •  Photos being compressed by saving as .jpg again with varous settings.
  • Going through photos to see which ones I would use. (I suppose, this is something like manual searching.)
  • The flash document was constantly being processes.
  • I also had to resize the photos. 
Storing and Retrieving
  • Photos and video were stored in a SD card in the camera and I retrieved this for this part of my photos.
  • Flash saving a .swf
Transmitting and Receiving
  • When I was on the internet looking for ways to solve the mouseover enlarging issue, the data from the pages were transmitted from their web server to me. 
  • I had to test my scene after basically every photo just to make sure that when it was enlarged it would fit.
  • For the last two audio interviews, I displayed them (listened) on the MP3 player to make sure another one didn't have to be done.

Software/Hardware Constraints

At first, I imported the original photos which were about 5 times the size of my actual stage. Although they were shrunk when on the stage, they were still in the library and therefore wasted a lot of space. When I tried to test the scene, (because it automatically also saves a .swf) it wouldn't allow it and said something about "not enough memory". I managed to solve this by resizing the photos in photoshop before importing.

Design Decisions

I have chosen the images to be 100px in width as the preview image and the enlarged image to be 500px wide. They will have actionscripts rather than being turned into buttons. The pages have 16 photos each, as 4 x 4 photos.