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Component 3B: Information Processes (Video + Audio)

posted Jul 2, 2009, 2:16 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 6, 2009, 3:48 PM by Eddie Woo ]
A record of the 7 information processes should be maintained as the multimedia system is developed, including relevant discussion of issues related to software/hardware constraints and design decisions (e.g. organising data: compression levels applied to images, audio and video data).
For todays interviews:
  • Video of the students being interviewed using Mr Woo's video camera.
  • Audio of the studentsbeing interviewed taken at the same time as the video using an MP3 Player.
  • During collection, videos were analysed to check for mistakes or anything the student being interviewed was unsatisfied with.
Storing and Retrieving
  • Video was stored in the memory of Mr Woo's video camera.
  • Audio was stored in an MP3 player.
Transmitting and Receiving
  • To check if another take was needed, video was viewed on the screen of the video camera at first.

Software/Hardware Constraints

Because Mr Woo's camera was low on battery, it eventually ran out and needed to be directed plugged to the powerpoint. Due to the length of the wire and locations of powerpoints, there were restrictions on where the camera could be set up. Also, the camera, without a tripod would of course not be able to adjust its height so I used books instead.

Design Decisions

Basically, since most of the work was done by the camera and MP3 player, there wasn't really any design decisions, unless placement of the subject and objects in the background is valid. However, the questions and organisation of this is explained at:

Just as a reminder, I also took down the file names of the audio clips I wished to keep. I think Mr Woo's still got the MP3 I used. They are:
  • VOICE080327004 - E #1
  • VOICE080327008 - E #2
  • VOICE080327009 - E #3
  • VOICE080327010 - B #1
  • VOICE080327011 - V #1