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Component 3B: Information Processes (Videos + Photo Leftovers)

posted Jul 8, 2009, 4:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 8, 2009, 5:35 PM by Eddie Woo ]


I put the rest of the photos into the document. I previously mentioned my problem with the photo which last gets enlarged. However, I have solved this by not having all the photos all the photos in the same movie clip.
Then I used WMM to edit videos (trimming, add fade in and fade out, and "subtiles" for the question) and put them into Flash. File formats changed at various stages.
However, I have a new problem.
The current method for importing videos requires the file to also be in the same folder as the .swf which means I would need to upload these too. Only one of them is over the attachment limit but can be compressed. This also leaves the .swf a fairly small size too.
However, at times the videos don't appear and I still don't know is this is part of the nature of this method or if there is a particular problem I need to find out about.
A possible way to solve this is to embed video in the timeline, which would have more chance of workin but will make the .swf to large to upload as one file unless the videos are compressed more.

A record of the 7 information processes should be maintained as the multimedia system is developed, including relevant discussion of issues related to software/hardware constraints and design decisions (e.g. organising data: compression levels applied to images, audio and video data).
  • On a side not, I did the last two interviews which were audio, this was collecting.
  • Videos went from .MOD off the video camera to .WMV when exported from WMM then to .FLV when imported into Flash.
  • Adding subtitles for the questions asked in case people forget the question or don't hear it properly.
  • I added effects and subtitles as well as trimming the beginning and ends of the video clips. 
  • I printed the screen while playing the video, cropped out the image of the subject, resized it and saved it for a preview image.
Storing and Retrieving
  • Flash saved .FLV files and retrieved them when the .WMV files were imported and encoded.
  • Everytime the video disappeared I had to keep retrieving the .FLV files while testing out how to make the videos appear all the time.
  • I stored the preview image with the rest of my multimedia work then retrieved them when I imported them into the library.
Transmitting and Receiving
  • When I was on the internet looking for ways to solve the video issue, the data from the pages were transmitted from their web server to me. 
  • I had to test my scene after basically every photo just to make sure that when it was enlarged it would fit.
  • For the last two audio interviews, I displayed them (listened) on the MP3 player to make sure another one didn't have to be done.

Software/Hardware Constraints

My computer started lagging because I was exporting a second video from WMM while importing another into Flash.

Design Decisions

I have chosen the videos to be 400 x 225 to fit nicely. Preview images are 25% this size. There will be a main navigation page for interviews. Users click on one, it will then navigate to it and a link is provided to return to the menu to choose another.