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Component 3B Outline

posted May 20, 2009, 9:16 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 20, 2009, 10:04 PM by Eddie Woo ]

Design specifications

Hardware: Digital Camera, Video Camera, MP3
Software: Photoshop, Movie Maker (basic edits)

Seven information processes

  • Information about teacher's teaching career.
    • Degrees
    • Previous schools
  • Information about the teacher's thoughts about James Ruse.
  • Why they teach what they teach.
  • Compressing files.
  • Looking their statistics and information to see what is needed.
Storing and Retrieving
  • Saving work then working on it later.
  • Cutting out undesirable parts.
Transmitting and Receiving
  • Receiving files or transmitting requests.
  • The end resources. 

Gantt chart


 Other Commitments

Project work 

 Week 5
  • Science Test (Tues)
  • Computer Skills (Tues)
  • PE assignment (Thur)
  • Support documentation
 Week 6
  •  Chick Trial (Fri)
  •  Collecting
 Week 7  
  •  Collecting
 Week 8
  •  Brain Bee (Tues)
  •  Collecting
 Week 9
  •  IPT Exam
  •  Editing
  • Putting onto website
 Week 10  
  •  Final Edits

Case study


Design specifications for further audio and video products that would complement the final multimedia system, and incorporate more expansive or difficult goals than are practically possible within the assigned time frame


A record of the 7 information processes should be maintained as the multimedia system is developed, including relevant discussion of issues related to software/hardware constraints and design decisions (e.g. organising data: compression levels applied to images, audio and video data).


The original major project Gantt chart should be updated to include a projected timeline for the development of this information subsystem.


Research three comparable multimedia systems (e.g. websites, television broadcasts, radio programs etc. that align with the chosen genre of your multimedia system) that are professionally produced and designed, and write a case study of how each uses its particular medium effectively.


Write a constructive critique of a peer’s multimedia system, assessing it and assigning an appropriate mark based on how competently it achieves the two stated purposes.