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Compression, Uploading, Layout

posted May 28, 2009, 4:47 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 28, 2009, 5:05 AM by Eddie Woo ]
One big problem with word files is that they can become huge. The biggest file Mr Yeo have me was around 44 Mb which is a lot more than the 11 Mb limit.
I discovered that due to the nature of the data these word files, often files do not become much smaller when compressed. I had originally converted the files to PDF which is much smaller however that defeats the purpose of Mr Yeo giving me files which was so that students could actually type up the work. Copy + pasting from a PDF files would be an unnecessary inconvenience.
Upon doing some research, one option was the use freeware (which would mean people who are downloading the file may get frustrated due to incompatabilities) or the second option (which is what I chose). I learnt that when images are simply copy + pasted into a word file, they become .bmp which is giant in comparison to .jpg or .gif. I assumed this was the reason why some files were so big.
Therefore, I print screened the images onto Photoshop, cropped it and saved it as a .jpg then went to Word and inserted the image manually. The file (even the 44 Mb and 28 Mb ones) were immediately all under 1 Mb. I also discovered that images could be then compressed in word via an option available for images. I applied this and almost all the files are now under 500 Kb. (This is actually smaller than many of the initial PDFs made from original files. So, I ended up converting all the PDFs again.) Now I have lots of random images but with a consistent naming convention.
I uploaded all this, at first all under Year 10 Geography Resources but there would be too many files so I split everything into topics. Mr Yeo pointed out there would be a lot of files coming and we discussed if it would be too outrageous if there were so many files for one subject. And then he found out that Maths had over 300 files....
I made .zip packages as well so that students could download everything easily if they want to work on a topic at once.
Lastly, I made all the pages under junior HSIE consisten and had to change the sizes of some images so that they fitted more snuggly into to the layout. Once, the text boxes became display-able and edit-able without having to click "properties" which was very scary. I almost considered keeping it like that but decided against it and had to copy + paste everything again.
Also, I need to remind myself to Miss Burgess especially about past papers and interviews. Mr Yeo said that it's probably hard to get all past papers as files are strewn among the teachers because different exams are made by different teachers all the time. But since Miss Burgess is now acting Head Teacher, she might be able to help.