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Europe Trip 09

posted Jun 23, 2009, 4:50 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 23, 2009, 4:56 AM by Eddie Woo ]
I have officially uploaded the report and photos on the intranet. However, I haven't linked all the photos to their bigger versions yet nor linked to the Europe Trip 09 page from the Excursions page. One of the images died so I need to fix that up. Will get it all nice and cleaned up tomorrow.
A big thanks to Alvin Lee 10C for providing the photos and doing a full-blown report. I didn't even say he had to do it let alone do it fully detailed but much appreciated.
Also I'm going to find go to Mr Yeo tomorrow morning to get some more files since this is the first morning this week where I don't need to do anything. (Monday was last-minute exam revision, Tuesday was morning class.) Probably going to advise him to give me as much as he has so I can mass upload and work on my multimedia mini-assignment for the rest of the time.
Speaking of that, also asked Mr Woo for some clarification about the physical structure. It's okay if it's on the actual web pages or if it's all in the flash file and just the file is uploaded.