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Major Glitch Fixed

posted Jul 16, 2009, 7:57 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 9:09 AM by Eddie Woo ]
All through today, I was communicating with participants and end users who were involved in the making of the multimedia mini-assignment by alerting them of my completed assignment and asking them the following questions if they had time to test it:
  1. Did you understand the instructions?
  2. Did it take very long/was inconvenient to download?
  3. Does everything work?
Most responses were good but the main problem everyone had was the four interview videos didn't work although the two animations did. I spent much of the day discussing with Joey (since she was doing my critque) about solving this issue. We tried downloading the different versions of players and plugins to no avail. However, she could still do the critique because videos can be played separately and well, videos aren't required anyway.
Some possible explanations I thought of at first were:
  • Something happened when I uploaded the videos (they were the largest files so an error could easily have occured).
  • Something to do with the audio because the other two videos didn't have audio.
  • Something to do with the original files being weird in the first place.
  • Something to do with software.
After testing the original files on another computer at home, it also didn't work. Therefore I concluded something was wrong with the original files. They did however work on my laptop which I worked on this using. 
At one stage, as mentioned before, I changed the file names of the four videos but not the others but I imported them again. However, the reason it worked on the laptop and not the other computer was probably because i had more than one copy of the videos on the laptop and some link was wrong.
I then imported them again, properly using the .wmv file and they worked!
So now I'm uploading the proper, working files.