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Navigation, Gantt Chart and More!

posted Apr 26, 2009, 11:53 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 27, 2009, 5:07 AM by Eddie Woo ]
After spending most of the day so far fixing up all the IPT work so far, I felt like more IPT and was motivated to see what I could do on the Junior HSIE portfolio despite not having much to put on. The first priority however, was to update my Gantt chart after a whole term of "progress".
  • Also had to update the date for the Business Studies Comp after Mr. Lees told us the date it was going to be held.
  • Also added an image for the Junior HSIE page.
The major change was the new navigation for junior HSIE complete with matching colours. I'm not sure if I should have so many links because I feel like cutting off the last three links that don't seem too necessary. Navigation also doesn't fit well with file cabinets but the links at the top of each page that are automatically there shoud do for that because I don't have so many levels of hierarchy.
I made the buttons by drawing them up in Word then turning them into images. I had trouble linking them and arranging them until I discovered how to insert them and copy them nicely. But then I discovered the text went all weird before finding out how to stretch the length of the navigation so that all the text was in its own rectangular space. I also had the dilema of making the navigation horizontal or vertical and which side to put it on. I had to put it on the left (despite the main navigation already being on the left) because I had more specific links on the right. (I don't think I'll make buttons for those links because it seems like too many.)
Also wasted lots of time making sure the spacing between the main heading and the content matched on each page so that the position of everything would be consistent. Then my internet died a few times. But I think I managed it, sort of.
A new gantt chart is attached! I've concluded that about half the tasks on there are done and I had to shift some tasks for later because I'm waiting for resources which I should get early Term 2 from both Mr. Woo and Mr. Yeo!
Eddie Woo,
Apr 27, 2009, 5:06 AM