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posted Apr 28, 2009, 3:47 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 28, 2009, 4:30 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Today, seeing as it was the first day of school, I asked Mr. Yeo about the resources and he said he's gathering them. I also asked about past papers. I didn't know whether I could get them or not because we don't normally even get past papers for revision. Mr. Yeo said that he's not sure there are any but he'll see.
When I came home today, I fiddled around again with the intranet. I put less links on the left and shoved them on the right instead so that it seemed more balanced. I also put images for the syllabus pages and changed the links of the support materials because I found a more user-friendly page on BoS that wasn't cluttered with other subjects.
One of the new problems that came up was that the text box on the right automatically uses the bolding and the black of the preset heading h2 which ruined all the links. I discovered it was because the font for the heading of the page overlapped it. Randomly bold/unbold, clearing formatting or standard text etc. didn't work. I tried manually doing the font instead, but neither 16 nor 18 actually matches. I then resorted to html and moved the tags for the heading, but that made a random extra space that looked bad and which I couldn't get rid of. Hence, I gave up although I might end up changing something else later on so I don't think I'll make it perfect now.
I also put the header image on each page and moved the navigation up to be in line with the title.
Also, Mr. Woo mentioned today that he would give us a mini project/task as part of the intranet which shall be related to multimedia.