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School Cert Papers + Collecting Multimedia + Communication With Participants

posted Jul 2, 2009, 2:01 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 2, 2009, 2:30 AM by Eddie Woo ]

School Certificate Papers

I have uploaded them on the intranet along with a short description.

Multimedia mini-assignment

In one of the VA rooms, I managed to complete four video interviews lasting on average 3 minutes each. Earlier today, I had prepared the following questions concerning the fieldwork excursion:
  • What is an issue you think needs to be addressed and why? How should it be solved?
  • If beaches were lost, what wuold be the implications?
  • What new skills did you learn?
  • Interesting fact you would like to share which you learnt?
  • Favourite part of the excurstion?
  • How would be incorporate what you learnt, in Geography at school?
  • Why do you think fieldwork is an essential part of studying Geography?
  • How has this excursion improved your understanding of issues/geographical processes.
  • Interesting event?
  • Describe you impression of Long Reef and Collaroy.
  • What else would you have liked to do, which you didn't get an opportunity to do?
Students could choose 2 - 3 questions (or more) for average lengthed answers. Alternatively, just one question but very detailed. They could also have the interview as video or audio depending on personal preference. For those who are doing a video, I have taken a separate audio recording as well in case there is a use (even though the audio is already in the video). They were given time to prepare and a reasonable amount of time for extra takes. More than one person doing one question was actually encouraged in many cases, particularly because many of the questions are based on opinion, therefore it would offer more variety for others to hear the different views.
Before using them however, I will need to have release forms signed. Currently I have four video interviews and will have two audio interviews which will be done at another time, most likely Monday.

Communication with participants

The first instance was when I was asking around about the availability of a video camera. Next, Blair was asked about participating in an interview. He then asked if I could do an interview for maths, but I'm a bit camera phobic so I didn't.
Lastly, tomorrow I am to do an audio interview about IPT for Bach's portfolio. Questions are about:
  • My hobbies and interests.
  • My thoughts on IPT and why I chose the subject.
  • Thoughts on exams.
  • Thoughts on why our class has more girls when IPT is stereotypically male dominant subject.