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Social and Ethical Issues Faced

posted Jul 15, 2009, 6:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 15, 2009, 6:45 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Here's just a few of the major social and ethical issues I noticed during this course of this assignment.


  • The first instance, are the images I used on the intranet. There aren't alot and they're mainly from deviantART and flikr where the creators are fairly accurate about how they want their work to be used. For those that requested it, I add a small address to the site where I got the image from.
  • Some of the content I have, especially information about courses are not entirely written by me. For example, the commerce information is taken from the Year 9 subject selection booklet. Firstly, I have acknowledged this on the site, and secondly it is school material done by the school and the intranet is for the school so basically it's not really an issue.
  • For my multimedia mini-assignment, I prepared for the excursion and collected my own data (photos, videos of the beach) and we did activities where I wrote my own answers and data on the worksheet. This was to avoid having to seek others for photos and such.
  • While filming in the VA room, I became especially conscious of the amount of artworks around the room. To be moral, it's not respectful to film someone's artwork (though unintentionally) unless their permission is given. So, I had to make sure that the interviewee was not in front of any artworks belonging to other students.


  • Firstly, I try to avoid using photos with people's face in them which are obvious enough to be recognisable for my multimedia mini-assignment. The photos which I received from Ms Burgess however were put up because of the form about having photos and things published bu the school which everyone had to sign upon entering the school.
  • The video and audio recordings I had will be used with permission granted via a release form explaining the people involved about having them appear on the intranet and these have all been returned.

Ergonomics (rather insignificant)

  • Students and teachers are probably going to use computers even more with a lot more content now on the intranet. Hopefully they have good practices and won't have complications like deteriorating eyesight and whatnot. Although irrelevant to my portfolio, the SRP diaries are an example I guess. Although many students would type up their diaries anyway.