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Start of project prospectus

posted Dec 9, 2008, 3:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 11, 2008, 3:01 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Organised the pages and started on the project prospectus. Techinically, this meant that I just thought about each of components that were to be included in the prospectus.
Hence, I shall type my ideas in dot points here so that I don't forget them later:
  • Project personnel 
    • Some members of staff e.g. Mr. Woo
    • The apocalipticDESIGN team
  • Objectives
    •   Develop an intranet site that engages student learning, empowers better teaching practice and enriches school life.
    • Produce an information system with the purpose of delivering online content that achieves the above.
  • Timeline (for now, tasks with no dates)
    • Project prospectus
    • Get content listed below
    • Do lots of preparationg of content, e.g. research, scanning, transferring, typing etc.
    • Organise pages
    • Put stuff on
    • Edit
    • Etc...
  • Some content ideas (which partly belong to the above item)
    • Syllabus for history, geography and commerce.
    • Past exams if I'm allowed to have some plus the sample answers.
    • Excursion photos, although I only have ones for year 9 Canberra 2008 photos, but then again, there's that HSIE European tour thing next year.
    • Past assignments plus examples of good ones done by students.
    • Teacher profiles which will require interviews of the staff.
    • Interesting facts for the three subjects e.g. world heritage sites or famous people in history facts and whatnot.
    • Maybe study notes or something... although that might make people inclined to not work as hard in class but instead use the notes and cram just before exams.
    • Don't know if I can/have the time to but... maybe videos or something of teachers talking about the subjects or something else related to any of the subjects
    • Geo comp, and any other comps entered. e.g. results, achievements etc.
    • Oh yes, and some sort of calendar of events for those subjects, e.g. upcoming exam dates and excursions. Could be hard to do because it will have to be updated regularly. Therefore, it could instead be a sort of list of annual events without specific dates e.g. the annual Canberra thing for year 9 and the European tour for history. etc. etc. etc. Dunno. Although, it would be easier if there was one giant calendar for all school activities so individual faculty ones wouldn't be necessary. Now I'm just rambling...
  • Available resources
    • The internet (google sites, researching etc.) and old intranet although the HSIE section is sort of blank...
    • Software e.g. word processing, msproject or I may use excel instead plus all that digital camera software and stuff.
    • Hardware e.g. computer stuff
    • Also, since there's not much currently for HSIE faculty, I'll need to ask staff for all the content i need