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Various Things

posted May 27, 2009, 5:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 27, 2009, 5:53 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Firstly, I began today by adding new links under Geography for each of the junior years. I have decided to put year 7 and 8 together as that is the nature of the course except this might make me have to use a very inconvenient link to that page.
As with everytime I change something, the layout becomes ruined again most of the time. After various "manoeuvres" and such of components on the page, I'm actually fairly satisfied with this new three column type layout. At first I had trouble doing this, but I ended up using those text box-like invisible box things (of which I do not know the name of).
Most images placed using this layout is 350px wide. The text box for links is now 150px wide allowing the actual content to not look cramped. This has been changed for HSIE Junior and all currently existing Geography links. Commerce and History will be done later as I have to finish of my PE assignment.
Today at recess I also received five files from Mr Yeo for the topics that Year 10 have done and are currently doing. I have converted them to PDF also. I'm not exactly satisfied with my naming structure but I will decide later. Also, I haven't uploaded them yet because my internet was slow or else the files (espcially .doc) were a bit big. Either way, I might just do it at school instead. More files to come.
Also, I talked with Mr Yeo about any requirements or suggestions for putting up his files. However, instead of making too many pages (which would be very confusing the navigate through anyway) I'm going to put them in a file cabinet.