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Year 10 Geography Resources Complete + Random

posted Jul 1, 2009, 5:56 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 1, 2009, 6:15 AM by Eddie Woo ]
I have finished with the year 10 geography resources. The files are under the following topics:
This morning, I have confirmed with Mr Yeo that he has given me all the resources he has so far. He's actually in the process of making more, but they will evidently not be completed within the time frame of the project. Also, noted that there is not Foreign Aid part 2. Originally, there was more than one file but they have been combined without the footer being changed.
Another question I needed to make sure a second time was about the syllabus. It has been confirmed that all School Certificate papers before and INCLUDING 2004 are based on the old syllabus. Therefore, I have made my next task downloading and uploading past papers to the intranet even though they're already on the BoS site. It just seems more "together" that way.
For resources, I believe that currently it is sufficient. Having gone through a majority of the courses for all three junior subjects, there were not many specific resources that could be uploaded. For most classes, either passages are dictated, or there are sheets for only a specific aspect we are studying, or we use textbooks. The exception is Mr Yeo's booklets which are the type of resources I originally had in mind.
Lastly, I have made a start on the actual multimedia assignment. Basically, I made a very rough plan of the layout and drew it up in flash. It will sort of resemble my Digital Learning Resource on geographical issues, but different. I'm not opting for anything fancy due to time limit. I was thinking of a rollover navigation which I did for a year 8 history presentation except it would be unecessary as there aren't that many links that would otherwise clutter up the stage. Also, the layout doesn't resemble a website because I found that also unecessary.
Tomorrow, I will ask Mr Woo about borrowing a MP3 and I also forgot to tell him last time that I planned out my new multimedia mini-assignment topic. Also, I need a video camera, so I'll ask around tomorrow during IPT. I also must finish the two draft posts and my case studies.