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Yesterday + Today

posted Jul 9, 2009, 1:29 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 12, 2009, 5:54 AM by Eddie Woo ]
I just combined the posts because nothing much happened yesterday and I didn't have time last night to do a post.


Basically, after sport, I took the chance to talk to Ms Burgess. I asked her about past papers and she said that the faculty doesn't actually allow students to have past papers because sometimes sources are used again but with different questions. Apparently they actually shred the papers even.
With that sorted, she said that I could however have some photos which she will put onto a DVD and give to me the next day.
Later at home, I did what was outlined in the previous post:


This morning, I received the photos. Ms Burgess also wrote down a few things about each excursion for me:
  • Yr 9 Canberra
    • High Court
    • War Memorial
    • Questacon
    • Regatta Point
    • Old Parliament House
    • New Parliament House
  • Yr 10 Coastal Fieldwork
    • Collaroy and Long Reef
  • Yr 11 Ancient History
    • Sydney Uni - Nicholson Museum (Archaeology)
  • Yr 11 Modern History (Weren't allowed to take photos of the inside.)
    • Sydney Jewish Museum
  • Yr 11 History Debating Comp (From 2007)
    • Interschool debating focusing on historical evidence and arguments.
With this, I might be able to say a few sentences about each as a little introduction.
In class, I attempted to have a look at the photos but the room only had CD drives not DVD and didn't work. At recess though at the library, I managed to have a look and there were a lot. So I'll just choose some good/interesting/unique/pretty photos.
When I got home, I created the pages for these photos, uploaded some but didn't link them to the bigger versions yet. I'll probably have to do some at school because the internet is faster there.
I also went and deleted all the past paper links from my portfolio because as explained above, there will be none.
Things done for multimedia outlined at: