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2008-12-10 Vague prospectus notes (unstructured entry)

posted Dec 10, 2008, 3:45 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2009, 3:24 AM by Eddie Woo ]
It's difficult to ignore the fact that a lot of other team members have started planning for the prospectus. As such, I shall also stop procrastinating and make some notes:

Project personnel
  • If prospectus is to be on an individual basis, then personnel include myself, Mr Woo, Mr Widmer, and members of the maths staff that have editing access.
  • If prospectus is to be on a team basis, then personnel includes "apocalipticDESIGN" instead of "myself"
    • I am not trying to be narcissistic here, it is simply unclear (due to the nature of this project) whether this prospectus is for the individual or team project.
  • As provided in the project brief:
    • Engage student learning
    • Empower better teaching practice
    • Enrich school life
  • Initial thoughts and such (informal)
    • Brainstorming/"ideas": until 13/12/2008
  • Project plan (assessed)
    • Project prospectus, formalised: 13/12/2008 to 18/12/2008
    • Prospectus due: 18/12/2008
  • Collect soon-to-be-deleted information (informal)
    • "Evacuate" all the old information from the old maths intranet site: before 18/12/2008 for good measure
  • System development (assessed)
    • Before new intranet goes online: ensure that all the content from the old intranet is added to the net intranet (so that what was previously available will be immediately available)
    • New intranet intrastructure goes online: 29/01/2009
    • Get documents, speak to staff, etc
  • Project deadline: 10/07/2009
Available resources
  • Hardware (system components)
    • School network resources
  • Hardware (system development)
    • Home computer
    • Internet link to Woo Random Files
    • Portable storage devices
  • Software (system components)
    • Google Sites content management software
    • Text processors
    • Multimedia software
  • Software (system development)
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Personal collection of maths learning resources