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2008-12-15 During prospectus construction (structured entry)

posted Dec 14, 2008, 10:33 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2009, 3:29 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Design decisions
  • Introduce more events-related stuff (e.g. permission notes and recounts)
  • Introduce "interesting facts" - already has been achieved off the intranet with Mrs Doyle's C block boards. It would be nice to get a copy of the typed documents that she printed and pinned onto those boards.
  • Introduce a timetable (weekly or fortnightly) for Maths-related activities such as Enrichment days.
Creation of content or features in the information system
System development has not started and, as such, no actual changes have been made to the system.
Modifications to the system
System development has not started and, as such, no actual changes have been made to the system.

Alternative ideas being considered
  • Maths events calendar - although that might be overkill, especially considering that there is already a calendar system for the entire school. Furthermore, it will be an embarrassment if it is not kept up to date. ("Last updated 2001" is a familiar example of this sort of embarrassment). If the maths staff are not actively interested in the intranet, it may be more feasible to get students to do it.
  • Announcements - although this is useful on Woo Random Files, it may not be useful on the Maths intranet subsystem as the maths faculty would be less likely to use an announcements features, most likely due to a lack of interest and a comfortable reliance on traditional methods of making announcements.
  • One idea that a lot of people seem to be having is to showcase student work. I don't think this would work for Maths because of the nature of Maths - what would be showcased, exam papers written in messy handwriting? Maths is hardly a creative subject and therefore there would be no creations to showcase. Although, in retrospect, it might be a good idea to showcase clever ways of solving questions. (Typed up, of course - unless the person has very, very good handwriting!)
Communications with system users or participants

Reading what other people have posted on this site has been very useful.
  • Amy had the ideas of putting more event-related stuff and "interesting facts".
  • Kevin had the idea of having some sort of timetable.
Mr Woo has responded to various questions about the project that the class has asked him.
  • "Initial design" is simply ideas and thoughts about what the site should be like
  • The entire prospectus (including context diagram!) is to do with individual faculties
  • Regarding the register
    • Update with everything related to project
    • One major update per fortnight
      • Incl. holidays
Results of testing and feedback received
System development has not started and, as such, no testing has occurred.
Updates to the project timeline (whether the original schedule is adhered to or not)
The "original schedule" has not been produced yet as it is part of the project prospectus and is yet to be finalised.