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2008-12-20 Faculty site under construction (structured entry)

posted Dec 19, 2008, 9:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2009, 3:37 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Design decisions
  • Assessment scheme as a table
  • Past exam papers sorted by grade
  • Program outlines sorted by year of production, with old program outlines in folders
  • Many pages will have a textbox on the right with links instead of using the subpage bar
  • Retain program outline format as .DOC as teachers may need this
Creation of content or features in the information system
  • Main page
    • Included an image of logarithm graph for aesthetics
    • Copied page layout from the WRF apocaliticDesign page
  • External resources
    • Copied an old "useful links" page.
  • Junior course
    • Included an image of a sine/cosine graph for aesthetics
    • Description of the junior course
  • Junior and senior course assessment schemes
    • Done as a tables
  • Past exam papers
    • Description of past exam papers included
    • Sorted by grade using subpages and then by yearly/half yearly using folders
  • Program outlines
    • Initially sorted by folders only
    • Mr Woo suggested/changed it to folders as archives and latest program outlines on top
  • Senior course
    • Included an image generated by
    • Description of the senior course
  • Teachers list
    • Included an image of the Cameron block for aesthetics
 Modifications to the system
Deleted the previous "Past papers" page (which was blank)

Alternative ideas being considered
No new alternative ideas being considered at the moment.

Communications with system users or participants
  • Requested colour change of links to a darker colour to increase visibility of links on white background.
  • Created icons for the sidebar, Mr Woo is considering implementation.
Results of testing and feedback received
Testing period has not started.
Updates to the project timeline (whether the original schedule is adhered to or not)
No updates to timeline.