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2009-02-14 Structured entry

posted Feb 14, 2009, 1:57 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2009, 11:13 PM by Eddie Woo ]
First, I'd like to clarify something about my structured entries. In the past, my structured entries have been synonymous with "major updates" to the project register. However, I have recently found that unstructured entries are much more useful, versatile, and overall better for major updates where only one or two categories are modified. The unstructured entries are becoming much more verbose and, in a word, major.

I will still make a major update to the register at least once a fortnight. It just won't necessarily be a structured entry. Structured entries are, in a sense, merely summaries of activities - a "zoomed out" view of what has been happening since the previous structured entry.

Design decisions

  • Fixed cosmetic problem: links in some tables were displayed incorrectly in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.
Creation of new content in the information system
  • Past papers now available for almost all senior exams
  • Downloading as a package (either DOC or PDF) as well as downloading by individual files is now possible for most past paper archives
Modifications to the system
  • DOC files are being converted to PDF version 1.4 for greater compatibility
  • Downloading as a package (either DOC or PDF) as well as downloading by individual files is now possible for most past paper archives
Alternative ideas being considered
  • None at the moment
Communication with system users or participants
  • Conveyed requirements for resources to Maths faculty via Mr. Woo - "What do I want on my portfolio?"
  • Received positive feedback from students about the amount of content available
  • Received feedback on behalf of the Maths faculty from Mr. Woodhouse via Mr. Woo
  • Asked Ms. Doyle from the Maths faculty about the intranet - she has not seen it yet but would like study resources of any kind to be available on it
Results of testing and feedback:
  • Students would like as many study resources as possible.
  • Mr. Woo supports the idea of archiving less-frequently used items as well as packaging past papers for easy download
  • Mr. Woodhouse would like to see teacher qualifications on the website
  • Ms. Doyle would like to see all relevant study resources on the new intranet
Updates to the project timeline (whether the original schedule is adhered to or not)
  • Mirroring of the old intranet has been extended indefinitely. (around 99% of the old intranet content is already available)