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2009-04-21 Processing complete!

posted Apr 21, 2009, 4:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 27, 2009, 11:26 PM by Eddie Woo ]
I am pleased to announce that I have finished processing the past-paper archive on the Mathematics faculty website.

In total, there are 353 files in this past-paper archive organised into 25 folders, and this amount of data takes up 352-355 megabytes of data storage:

There are now papers and solutions in every single section, with the notable exception of Year 11 4U Half Yearly and Year 11 4U Prelim. All files now following the logical naming convention of [grade] [number of units] [exam] [year] [remarks]. All PDF files are in PDF/A format to ensure standards compliance and compatibility, particularly backwards-compatibility with older PDF readers. In theory, all files should also be free of any graphical errors.

Error report

  • yr11_3u_hy_1993_solns.doc has errors on page 6, errors carry over to PDF file; both files have been uploaded regardless
  • yr12_4u_trials_2004.doc contains a eulogy on final page, file uploaded regardless
  • yr12-2u-trials DOC files (199x, 1992, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2004) have been corrupted and display pages filled with one character repeating, saving in a package as
  • yr12-2u-t2 DOC files (1993 and 1993 solutions) have elements that cannot be displayed ("Microsoft Word Picture" software is required), saving in a package as
  • yr12-3u-t2 contains TT OBE.doc, no idea what it is, uploaded as
  • yr12_3u_trials_ibm.doc placed in to seperate from other DOC files
  • yr12-4u-t2 DOC file (1992) has elements that cannot be displayed ("Microsoft Word Picture" software is required), saving in a package as
  • yr12_4u_trials_2007_solns.doc too large, therefore placed in seperate package by itself - - and uploaded seperately; just managed to fit under file size limit


Prior to today, in the sections listed, the people listed had already provided the documents listed that I had not uploaded:
  • yr12_2u_t1 mr woo supplied 2009 paper
  • yr12-3u-t1 lakmitha gunatilake supplied solutions: 2005, 2006, and 2007
  • yr12-3u-t2 mr woo supplied 2002, 2005, 2005 solns, 2006, 2006 solns, 2007, 2007 solns, 2008
  • yr12-4u-t1 lakmitha gunatilake supplied 2006 solns, 2005 solns
  • yr12-4u-t2 mr woo supplied 2001, 2005, 2005 solns, 2006, 2006 solns, 2007, 2007 solns, 2008, 2008 solns
I have included processed versions of these documents in today's relase.


As described by Mr. Woo in the comments section below, the 4U half yearly and prelim papers have not been uploaded as they do not exist at all. Furthermore, all pre-2000 past papers must be eliminated. Mr. Woo has already eliminated many of the pre-2000 past papers

I have just removed all pre-2000 past papers and any packages that contained them, ensuring that they are completely inaccessible. There will be a need to re-build packages without the pre-2000 past papers. In the meantime, these packages are unavailable. I apologise, both for the leak of pre-2000 past papers and the temporary absence of packages.