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2009-05-05 Multimedia subproject

posted May 4, 2009, 3:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 4:00 AM by Eddie Woo ]
For further details, refer to IPT: Unveiling the next stage
We received our new multimedia subproject today. Here are some ideas:
  • Learning resource - instructions on how to do certain types of maths?
    • Plus: very useful
    • Minus: far too time-consuming
    • Interesting: could get teachers to help
  • Subject promotion - advertise maths as a subject
  • Advertising campaign - advertise maths intranet
  • Tour guide - advertise the Cameron block
  • Personal profiles - interview teachers and students, particularly competition winners and top students
  • News coverage - maths news (what news?)
  • Web quest - portal to other resources
I would like to make a multimedia system that incorporates advertising, promotion, and tour guide in one huge PR campaign. It could use text and hypertext ubiquitously; use numbers for statistics about how (seemingly) great our school is at maths, images for lots of photographs of the Cameron block, not sure about video and audio yet (lessons and interviews?)

Edit 1: I have asked Mr. Woo about various things:
  • Maths resources can be acquired directly from Mr. Woo as he is a (coincidentally) a member of the maths faculty; resources can be requested and should be requested
  • The cardboard box issue will be addressed soon. I had a look today, and it's full of year 8 past papers from the 1990s, which aren't allowed to be updated anyway; therefore, I probably won't be involved in this.
Edit 2: I also introduced a news feature today, and have placed a test post to confirm its functionality. The maths intranet page is now significantly longer, but Mr. Woo provided these interesting statistics (9:31 AM on 2009-05-05)