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2009-06-30 Communications + interview questions + planning

posted Jun 29, 2009, 3:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 11:43 PM by Eddie Woo ]

Communications with Mr. Woo

I spoke with Mr. Woo this morning, and reached the following conclusions:
  • Case studies (choice of subjects) can be changed at will
  • 14-day threshold breaking is okay
  • Intranet news account will be reset very soon
  • Release forms for all graphical capture of students (but only for release, verbal permission for collection is fine)
  • Borrow mp3 player/recorder from Mr. Woo
    • No release forms needed for audio recordings
  • 2008 school report can be used but must be acknowledged as a source
  • Questions may be answered in a separate document if it makes the completion of said questions easier
In morning class, Mr. Woo showed us that individual pages on the intranet are records in a very large database.

Other communications

Joshua 10L has agreed to be filmed for the multimedia project.

Questions for interview (multimedia project - audio)

Questions for Mr. Woodhouse (or alternative teacher from maths faculty)

  • Enrichment
    • What do students do at Maths enrichment?
    • What do students get from doing Maths enrichment?
    • How do students get into Maths enrichment?
    • What kinds of students would you recommend maths enrichment to?
  • Senior years
    • What is the difference between 2U, 3U, and 4U maths?
    • How would someone decide how many units of maths to do?

Questions to ask senior students

  • Units
    • How many units of maths are you doing? (if year 12)
    • How many units of maths do you plan to do in year 12 (if year 11)
    • How would you advise a junior on how many units of maths to do?
  • Have you ever done enrichment?
    • If 'yes' then: What was good about it? What was bad about it?

Status report: 18:17

I was unable to film anyone due to the Chick Trial project (Ag), which I had forgotten about until earlier today. As a result, I was only able to take a few photographs of the Cameron block.

This is my plan for the rest of the week for collecting data for the multimedia project:
  • Wednesday 2009-07-01
    • Need: release forms, camera
    • Morning: find Mr. Woo to borrow MP3 recorder/player
    • Recess: get appointment with Mr. Woodhouse for Thursday; film lesson with approximately three people (Andrew 10L, Gerald 10C, Joshua 10L); find seniors to interview
  • Thursday 2009-07-02
    • Need: release forms, camera
    • Morning: IPT morning class - ask Mr. Woo for permission to photograph in Cameron block
    • Recess: complete anything not finished on Wednesday Recess
    • Lunch: complete anything not finished on Wednesday Recess
This is a list of documents that I will need to write, in order to produce adequate support documentation:
  • Addressing course outcomes
    • 'The nature of our intranet' - outcomes H1.1 - H6.1
    • 'Project management techniques' - outcome 7.2
  • 'Multimedia subproject support documentation'
    • 'Design specifications' - assessment 3B
    • Record of 7 information processes - assessment 3B
    • 'Case study' - assessment 3B
    • Critique - assessment 3B
  • Navigation - create a navigation tool for project register and documentation
I have rewritten the third and final version of the release form, edited so that its content is more suitable for this situation. I have done this so that Gerald will be able to sign it. It has been attached with this register entry.
Eddie Woo,
Jun 30, 2009, 2:06 AM