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2009-07-06 Information processes (video) + miscellany

posted Jul 5, 2009, 3:21 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 12:22 AM by Eddie Woo ]

Morning entry: before roll call, from the VA rooms

This weekend, I went on the JRAHS Cadet Unit Term 2 bivouac at Murramurra National Park, which is why I did not make any progress on my project. However, last night, my parents and I signed Amy's release form; I will be returning this to her some time soon.

Video component of the multimedia project

Last IPT lesson, Mr. Woo suggested uploading the video component of the multimedia project onto his YouTube account. I am not sure if this is suitable due to the social and ethical issues that are involved, as I specifically stated in the release forms for the video recordings that they would only be uploaded to the James Ruse intranet; if the video data was uploaded to YouTube, it is effectively being published to an audience that is much greater in size than merely the James Ruse intranet.

I have just experimented with Google's Picasa Web Albums and have discovered that there is a way to upload image and video data through this service and make it accessible through the DET filtering system. Furthermore, Picasa Web Albums has a feature known as 'unlisted albums', where a collection of uploaded image and video data is located at a specific URL where a portion of the URL contains an 'auth key' - a random sequence of text data that is difficult to guess. What this feature effectively amounts to is that unlisted albums can only be accessed with someone with the 'auth key' URL.

I plan to create a new Gmail account specifically for the purpose of uploading my video component onto Picasa Web Albums and subsequently sharing the 'auth key' URL of the video through the James Ruse intranet. I may also use this service to set up my image component (the panoramic photographs of the Cameron block).

Evening entry: 7:20 PM, from home

Communications with participants

During school hours, I returned Amy's release form and sent Joey an email regarding our blogs for French writing tasks

Evening entry: 11:16 PM, from home

Production of video component

I have just completed the production of the video component of my multimedia project. Here are instances of the 7 information processes, as well as a discussion on social and ethical issues:
  • Collecting: 
    • Video data was collected by the CCD of a digital still camera - Canon Powershot SX110 IS
    • Image data was collected by input devices (keyboard and mouse)
  • Organising:
    • Video data was organised as AVI (audio video interleave) by the digital camera
    • The final image was organised as a bitmap (.BMP) file for use by Windows Movie Maker
    • Video data was later reorganised as WMV
  • Analysing: video clips were sorted into a sequential order to identify patterns and trends
    • Grouping "what do you like about maths" and "what topics do you like" clips identified trends regarding what topics students enjoyed
    • Grouping of relevant clips for juxtaposition e.g. Andrew: "I like numbers" ... Davesh: "Complex numbers!" emphasised certain trends
    • The video was labelled with a final ending image that contains the URL of the maths faculty site
  • Storing and retrieving:
    • Local (on hard drive, RAM, CPU cache etc. for use by video editor)
    • Portable (flash memory for transportation)
  • Processing:
    • Cutting parts of clips out as they are unnecessary, e.g. "um", "err", and "hmm", except where they contribute to the overall presentation by demonstrating deep thought
    • Compression of the final product into WMV format is also considered processing
  • Transmitting and receiving: 
    • USB cables to transfer video clips from digital camera to computer
  • Displaying
    • The final product was a WMV file with the resolution 768 by 576 pixels
  • Social and ethical issues:
    • Copyright:
      • I used background music by Kevin MacLeod that was licensed under CC-BY-3.0, which allows me to use it on the condition that I attribute the author (as I have done so)
    • Privacy:
      • All the students who talk in the video signed release forms that specifically allow distribution via the JRAHS intranet
      • In the interests of protecting privacy, I have agreed not to distribute the video under any license that waives my rights to refuse others from re-using the video; it is lucky that Kevin MacLeod did not license his music under a CC ShareAlike license, because if he did, I would be obliged to license my final video product under a CC license, and thus allowing anyone to re-use it
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Software
      • Windows Movie Maker was used. I had troubles with inserting the ending image on my main computer (running Windows 7) so I used a laptop with Windows XP to insert the image.
      • Adobe Photoshop was used to create the ending image:

      • One of things that I made references to in the above relationships-with-IPT-course discussion above was an "ending" image used in the video. This is the image: