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2009-07-07 Information processes (Ria's video) + miscellany

posted Jul 6, 2009, 3:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 12:23 AM by Eddie Woo ]

Update: morning class, 8:27AM

Controlled video distribution

The Picasa Web Albums method of controlled distribution of videos from within the DET network failed, as Picasa Web Albums would not work in Internet Explorer 7. I therefore decided to use VoiceThread, another service that is unblocked by the DET internet filter.

This method has been successful, and Mr. Woo has decided that all apocalipticDESIGN members should use this service. He has set up an email address for this - apocalipticdesign (at) - with which I have created an account at VoiceThread. As of 8:40 AM, both my video and one of Ria's videos have been uploaded.

An interesting problem encounted by Ria was that her video was too big - much larger in size than the 25 MB limit dictated by VoiceThread. Therefore, Mr. Woo used Windows Movie Maker on his Windows Vista laptop to compress her video. While the video was being compressed, Mr. Woo, Ria, and I discussed instances of the 7 information processes in the production and distribution of Ria's video:
  • Collecting - with Ria's digital camera
  • Organising - initially as AVI by Ria's digital camera, re-organised as WMV by Windows Movie Maker
  • Analysing - tagging and renaming the video when it is on VoiceThread
  • Storing and retrieving - on Ria's camera's memory card, on Mr. Woo's hard drive, on VoiceThread servers
  • Processing - compression of Ria's video into a size that complies with VoiceThread's file size limit of 25MB using WMV
  • Transmitting and receiving - uploading onto VoiceThread, downloading to view
  • Displaying - on visual display units
Edit: We later realised that VoiceThread was severely limited; the service will presumably not be used for video distribution. Mr. Woo also mentioned that, due to the terms of my release form, I am unable to upload my video to any location other than the JRAHS intranet, even if it the other location secured by a private URL.

Update: from home, 9:20 PM

I effectively had no time to update during last period today, due to group school photos (choir and musical). However, it appears that much happened during this period - from what I gather, the tape for one of the video recorders has gone missing and consequently a lot of work done by other members of apocalipticDESIGN has been lost.

As a result of this incident, Mr. Woo has cancelled the video component of the multimedia project in terms of assessment weighting, adding that the apocalipticDESIGN team has learned a lot of valuable lessons regardless. The video component can still be submitted; however, it will not contribute to the final mark. I was initially very disappointed that the several hours I spent on editing my video were useless; however, in retrospect, I am sure that others (who have lost their own video recordings) have much more reason to be disappointed.

In addition to the removal of the video component, the entire project (multimedia and intranet development) has had its deadline extended by 7 days, to Friday 2009-07-17, i.e. halfway through the holidays.