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2009-02-26 Communication systems in detail

posted Feb 25, 2009, 7:09 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 12, 2009, 8:07 PM by Eddie Woo ]
For further details, please refer to IPT: Triple Thursdays

Class notes - 'outsourcing'

This is a transcript of handwritten notes that were undated.

You are part of a technology oversight committee for a multi-national company with branches worldwide that needs teleconferencing software. This teleconferencing technology will be outsourced. In this situation, what are the advantages and disadvantages (a+da) of this outsourcing, as opposed to the company creating the technology themselves?

  • 'Truck factor' - an internally-built system would be too specialised and only the developers would know how to fix problems
  • Dedicated service would most likely have better products - it seems inefficient to 'reinvent the wheel'
  • May be cheaper depending on international economy
  • Professional technical support
  • Faster recovery from downtime
  • No need to employ extra staff into the company and hence no need to handle additional employees
  • An internally-built system would be more suited to the company
  • Privacy and security concerns - relying on an external company
  • An internally-built system could make use of existing infrastructure
  • What happens when the external company goes bankrupt?
  • For a company with adequately skilled staff, recovery could be immediate and DIY instead of through slow technical assistance hotlines
  • Less control of the system
  • Company may over-charge, or raise the cost at any time

Download race

What reasons could account for the variations in download time?
  1. Number of competitors, which results in more traffic
  2. Individual computer problems
  3. Failure to send the complete file
  4. Other usage of the transmission server, such as Tony downloading large images
  5. Other usage of the local area network, such as other people using the James Ruse infrastructure
  6. Other usage of the proxy server, such as people in other DET schools using internet
  7. Interference of the medium
  8. Human reaction time
  9. Different servers, one with less traffic and one with more traffic, one in Australia and the other in the USA

Examples of communication systems

Please see the attached flat-file database.
Eddie Woo,
Feb 25, 2009, 10:19 PM