17 July 2009 (Friday)

posted Jul 17, 2009, 4:30 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 6:19 AM by Eddie Woo ]
The Major Project is over!!!

Good news - with 45 minutes to spare, I have completely finished my Major Project!

Suffice to say, I haven't slept much in the past few days - in fact, none at all for 36 hours (no joke). However, I have managed to get a massive amount of work done:
  • All Fuel for Project Registers questions have been completed, including the creation of my Project Register Repository.
  • All parts of Component 3B (Support Documentation) have been completed - design specs, record of the information processes, Gantt chart, case studies, and peer critique of Kevin's multimedia system.
  • I have written a register post on the Major Project viewed in terms of the structure continuum, set some time ago but which I never got around to doing.
  • I have put the finishing touches on my final release of the English portfolio.
  • I have decided against transcribing the second debate that I had recorded, due to time (and energy) constraints. A mere 4-minute MP3 file can take a surprisingly long time to transcribe accurately, as I found out while transcribing the first debate.
  • I have gone through some old project register posts to tidy things up and label some specific examples of the items specified in Component 2.
  • As of earlier today, I had finally achieved a round 30 replies to my survey. This data was collated into a spreadsheet, and used to generate several interesting graphs and statistics for the numerical component of my multimedia assignment.
  • I successfully edited the videos I had recorded of one of the groups from 10K presenting their Macbeth theatre designs. This was achieved in Windows Movie Maker - the long video clip was split up and transitions (fades, nothing too intrusive or cheesy) added between distinct parts of the presentation, as well as explanatory title slides. The pictures I had taken of the posters and drawings being presented were originally intended for uploading on the Intranet - however, as video was now an optional component already, I decided to incorporate my image data into the video product for greater relevance to the end user. In other words - through the camera it is hard to clearly see the poster/artwork the presenters are referring to, so I displayed the photograph of the appropriate drawing on the video for several seconds before the segment where it was discussed.
  • The final video, totalling 14 minutes and 9 seconds, then had to be split up into 2 parts (due to YouTube's 10-minute restriction on videos). I ultimately succeeded in uploading these to YouTube and making these available on the Intranet. However, one issue I encountered was the convoluted way YouTube treats Google Accounts. I attempted to create a new, entirely separate "apocalipticdesign" account for uploading these videos, however I also happened to have signed in to my Gmail account earlier that day - for some reason, it signed me back into this personal account while uploading the videos. Thus, both videos now appear to have been created under my personal "ninesevennine979" account. Hopefully this will not be an issue, as I have never used this account to upload or comment on YouTube videos in the past.
  • As video was only an optional component, I rated it as a lower priority than other parts of my project throughout the recent few days' work. As such, time constraints mean that I will not at this stage be able to edit and upload the rest of my collected video data by the 12pm midnight due date.
  • My multimedia system is in 2 sections of the main English site - the Debating section contains both audio and my text transcript, while the video/image (combined) and numerical data have been placed in the "Behind The Scenes" section. I have divided this into two categories - "What You Do" for student work (i.e. the videos I took), and "What You Think" for student opinions (i.e. results of my survey). This template should hopefully allow future aD team members to continue on and create more rich multimedia resources.
That's all I can think of right now that is worth mentioning.

And that is OFFICIALLY it - the major project is finally COMPLETE! =)