29 January 2009 (Thursday)

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Prospectus (and portfolio) feedback
In class today (the first day of term 1, 2009), Mr. Woo gave us all a copy of the feedback for component 1 of our Major Project (the Project Prospectus) on paper (although I had already received a copy of it by email earlier in the holidays). Mr. Woo also went around the class giving feedback to some people on their Intranet portfolios, however he couldn't exactly give me a whole lot of feedback on my portfolio (Junior English) due to the lack of availability of relevant content.
Communication with system participants (Mr. Woo)
What resources do I as a student want within this portfolio?
  • Past papers (in electronic format)
  • Specific information on texts studied in the Junior course - e.g. plot summaries, quotes, other relevant information
  • Techniques and tips for assignments and writing essays - e.g. TOFEES (Mr. Chandra Handa), IQE (Ms. Mayers)
  • Examination dates
  • Assessment task due dates
  • Details on internal and external competitions
  • Permission notes for excursions (in electronic format) - e.g. if a student loses their note, they can print another off
  • Section for English Enrichment students - perhaps assignments/tasks can be set/submitted via Intranet
  • Links to relevant external internet resources - e.g. definitions of terms, literary/dramatic techniques, SparkNotes etc.
  • Examples of outstanding work by other students (e.g. short stories, poetry, essays)
  • Up to date teacher list and profiles