Component 3B - i. Design specifications

posted Jul 16, 2009, 4:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 7:01 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Design specifications for further audio and video products that would complement the final multimedia system, and incorporate more expansive or difficult goals than are practically possible within the assigned time frame.

Audio: for my actual multimedia assignment, my audio product was to record two debates held at James Ruse. They can be viewed (and listened to) here.

Design specifications for further audio products:
  • More debating - it would be nice if some interested students (or possibly even members of the debating team) would attend future debates and make an audio recording of the speakers.
    • This was why I created the "Debating updates" page; in the hope that someone would record other debates, upload them for others to listen to, and possible create a text transcript (although this is admittedly very time-consuming).
    • Keeping this updates page alive would ultimately serve to raise awareness and interest throughout the school, and may inspire more people to try out for debating next year. It would also be an interesting way to track the progress of our debating teams (hopefully) to the state finals.
    • In the limited timeframe, I was unable to obtain any information about debating teams in years 7-8 or 11-12; these could form further audio products.
  • Interviews (shorter)
    • With teachers - mainly discussing English as a subject, what makes it enjoyable for students and teachers, why students should take more English units for HSC
    • With students from a range of grades - mainly discussing what they like about English, what they think of it as a subject, how many units they plan to / are taking for senior years and why
  • Speeches and oral presentations from in class? (admittedly some people will not find this particularly interesting)
Video: for my actual multimedia assignment, my video product was to film 10K in English presenting their theatre design concepts for Macbeth. However, as video is only optional, I may not end up uploading this onto the Intranet due to time constraints.

Design specifications for further video products:
  • Interviews (longer)
    • With teachers (especially Mr. Chandra Handa) - more in-depth discussion about teacher's background, career, why they teach English, what they like about it, what advice they have for budding writers, etc.
      • Ask Mr. Chandra Handa to dance? (unlikely)
    • With students - perhaps edit together a montage of short clips (similar to Blair's Mathematics at JRAHS video), students from different grades each saying a few lines about English and why it's so great
  • Class performances (e.g. interpretations of plays)
    • Main aim - to showcase how English can be and is fun
  • Humorous videos about/promoting English
    • Would require an original script and willing actors
    • Prefect News spin-off? Parodies of a text studied in class?