Component 3B - v. Constructive peer critique

posted Jul 16, 2009, 4:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 6:15 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Write a constructive critique of a peer’s multimedia system, assessing it and assigning an appropriate mark based on how competently it achieves the two stated purposes.

I am constructively critiquing Kevin Guo's multimedia system (PD/H/PE).

The multimedia system that Kevin has developed centres around various aspects of the annual Athletics carnival. I  believe that this was an excellent subject choice - the Athletics carnival is a highly important event in our school calendar, and is extremely relevant to his PD/H/PE portfolio. In addition, the Athletics carnival is really the only carnival that everyone can get involved in - not all people can swim, and not everyone is fit enough to run an entire cross country without stopping. As all the content centres around one main event, this also means that it is all located in the same place within his portfolio. Kevin has kindly placed a link on the main page to this section (denoting it "Feature page") as a means to skip the traditional hierarchical navigation.

The landing page greets us with a nice picture of hurdles, and the words "Ruse Athletics" emblazoned on it. Hypertext links to different sections of the multimedia system are clearly defined on the right hand side of the page, so that there can be no confusion as to where else to go. This is certainly a very functional opening page.

The first section, "Quick information on field events", is actually quite comprehensive. Each of the field events offered at school athletics carnivals are discussed in depth, along with appropriate rules and techniques for success. The main method of conveying information is text, and in this particular case it is ideal. Relevant image data as photographs and diagrams are also included for illustrative and explanatory purposes.

The "School records" section is very thorough, covering every single age group for both boys and girls. I can see that Kevin has put in a lot of effort to create this section and enter all the numerical data accurately. These pages would be a valuable resource for young Ruse athletes looking to train up or compare their progress with the best out there, especially as Athletics Carnival programs are only available on one day of each year.

Ah, the house war cries - these are an essential part of the fighting spirit and friendly compotition between the houses. I really like how Kevin has taken the initiative of recording himself chanting these war cries - you can really hear the passion, as he cheers for a house that isn't even his own! I know that time and resources were limited during the school term, however possible improvements could include getting an actual crowd to perform their house's war cry for the microphone. Also, two of the links to the Toft war cries were broken at the time of writing, although I have informed Kevin of this and he will presumably fix them up. One other suggestion for this section is to allow the audio file to be streamed directly on the page. I originally attempted to help Kevin set this up, however it turns out the files must be in MP3 format for it to work (his are WAV), so I guess they are stuck like that for now. They are only short files anyway, so it is not too intrusive.

EDIT: ok, Kevin fixed the links while I was writing this post.

Finally, the last 4 hyperlinks lead to photo albums. One of these was entirely created by Kevin - bringing the camera, taking photos, organising them, and uploading them - while the other three link to existing pages on the Intranet that Mr. Woo had created. Nice work Kevin on taking the initiative again to take photos at zone, especially on a day when you were also competing in events.

Thus, text and hypertext are ubiquitous throughout Kevin's multimedia system. Images include photographs and explanatory diagrams, and generally are used appropriately. Audio is taken care of by the war cries, while numbers abounded in the school records section. Video, as an optional component, has not been included in this portfolio - however, this is because Kevin's filmed material was on the camera tape that went missing. I assisted Kevin in the filming of his material, a demonstration/instruction video for the "throwing" field events, and I believe that if it had not been lost, then Kevin would have been able to make a valuable resource for other school students to use. Certainly he could apply his war cry skills to a voiceover on the video!

I did notice a couple of small typos and formatting/layout inconsistencies throughout the system, however this is not really too much of an issue.

I believe that Kevin's chosen genre of event promotion has been more than adequately fulfilled by his acquisition, creation, and uploading of relevant multimedia content. He has gone to great lengths to transfer existing content onto the Intranet, and where it is not available he has taken the initiative and created his own. Great work Kevin - I would award his multimedia system an 11/12. With a few minor improvements and further "showcasing the unique strengths of a variety of media types", that could quite easily be a 12/12.