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1. What is the purpose of a feasibility study?
A feasibility study examines whether a solution is suitable or not, from the point of view of the users.
2. What is the purpose of the functional specification?
A functional specification analyses the effects of the solution on the business and users, the benefits, costs and the risks.
3. What is a project plan?
A project plan splits the project up into smaller components. It includes the resources and schedule of the parts of the project.
4. How can a function specification be important for the acceptance of a project?
A function specification can be important for a project to be accepted because it analyses how this project would benefit the business and what risks it might bring. It also explains how the business and users will be affected. This allows for people to decide more easily whether they want the project or not.
5. Many companies use outside consultants to evaluate feasibility proposals and to make final recommendations instead of using their own project staff for this task. Suggest reasons for this approach.
Using outside consultants to make final recommendations because they might answer it from a user's point of view while the project staff answer it from a designer's point of view.
6. What is the advantage of a Gantt chart over text-based schedules?
A Gantt chart is advantageous over a text-based schedule because it is quicker to understand and see at a glance how long a certain component of a project is expected to take. It is also easier to figure out how long that certain component takes in relation to the other parts of the project.
Context diagram
Data flow diagram
Decision tree
Decision table
Conditions: New supplier...
Can make more profit [cheaper to buy off (sell at same price?)]
More likely for people to buy food (taste better, more to eat, cheaper price, etc.)
Better packaging (?)
Stay with current food supplier
Find new food supplier
Data dictionary
System flowchart
Questions from Jacaranda textbook.
Classwork: [link]